Sioux Falls Catholic Schools offers a variety of financial aid options.  

We want to partner with you to make Sioux Falls Catholic Schools a reality for your family!                                                 Did you know we awarded more than 1.4 million dollars to our students last year?                                                   Funding is available for students in grades Kindergarten through 12.


Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be available during enrollment, time.  The deadline for Financial Aid applications is April 15 annually. 

NOTE:  Financial aid is awarded based on your financial need and eligibility, and could include various types of aid. Your financial aid package may include any combination of the types of aid available. 

Sioux Falls Catholic Schools Grants 

Sioux Falls Catholic Schools has a long-standing tradition of offering Grants for families seeking financial aid.  The St. Elizabeth Seton Grant, Opportunity Grant, and the Special Needs Grant comprise what is now known as SFCS Grants and have been funded by faithful donors who want to help families afford a Catholic education for their children.  

In addition to the SFCS Grants, the nine Catholic parishes in Sioux Falls also offer parish grant dollars to their parishioners who need additional assistance.

The Work Study program is available to high school students whose families demonstrate financial need.  The work study positions are limited and preference is given to those who meet financial aid qualifications.

Our one step process for applying for grants and work study makes applying simple.  Please complete the TADS financial aid application including the supplemental grant and work study questions (if applicable) along with your child’s enrollment for school.  

SFCS Foundation Scholarships 

Thanks to many generous donors who have established endowments, the SFCS Foundation is able to offer a variety of scholarships to help families with tuition costs. Most scholarships are based on financial need which is determined through the completion of the TADS application. Please review the scholarships available for the grade level, parish or activities criteria.

South Dakota Partners in Education 

South Dakota Partners in Education Tax Credit Program was enacted in the 2016 legislative session, launched in 2016, and began providing scholarships during the 2016–17 school year. This program provides tax credits to insurance companies who donate to a nonprofit scholarship granting organization (SGO), which will then provide private school scholarships to students who meet the income and grade requirements. South Dakota becomes the 17th state to offer a tax credit scholarship program.  Learn more about the program’s funding and eligibility requirements by clicking the button.

Applying is easy!

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If you have any questions about the financial aid process, please contact Jenni Struck, Admissions Coordinator, at 605-575-3358 or

SFCS Financial Aid FAQ

What are the requirements for financial aid?

The very first requirement is that every family submit a TADS application each year, to be considered for a grant or scholarship from Sioux Falls Catholic Schools.  The financial need evaluation is different for every school and every family. We take into account all aspects of your financial situation.

What is TADS?
TADS is a 3rd party agency contracted with SFCS to provide a confidential assessment of the family’s financial need.

When is the deadline to apply for SFCS Grants and Foundation Scholarships?
All applications MUST be received by April 15th. We will make every effort to notify applicants of their award by June 1st**.

*The Presentation Sisters Foundation Scholarship application has an earlier deadline of March 4th.

**SFCS Foundation Scholarship awards are announced in May. High School Students will be notified of their summer work positions by May 6th.

How will I know if SFCS has received my applications?
If you complete an online application, you will receive an email notification stating that your application has been received. Call TADS at 1-800-477-8237 if you have questions.

What if I do not complete my TADS application?
Your application(s) cannot be considered for financial aid.

What if I haven’t completed my Online Registration yet ?
Your application(s) cannot be considered for financial aid until your student is enrolled in one of our schools.

If my circumstances change, can I change my application?
Please call the Business Office directly  if you need to adjust your application at 605-575-3367

When will I get my results?

  • By May 6th, all O’Gorman High School summer work study assignments will be mailed.
  • By May 13th, all Sioux Falls Catholic Schools Foundation scholarships will be awarded. Letters from the SFCS Foundation will be sent to all applicants.
  • By June 6th, financial aid that is awarded by the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools will be complete and notifications will be sent.

NOTE: If you have applied for parish assistance, you will need to contact your pastor to make an appointment to discuss.

TADS Financial Aid FAQ

What is TADS?

TADS is an abbreviation for Tuition Aid Data Services, a company located in St. Paul, MN. They provide us with the financial information we need to equitably distribute our financial aid. Financial aid is distributed by the SFCS business office and not TADS.

What are the requirements for financial aid?

The financial need evaluation is different for every school and every family. We take into account all aspects of your financial situation.

What documentation will I need to complete the application?
The required supporting documentation will be outlined at the beginning and end of the online application and is tailored specifically to what was entered on your application. Typically, TADS requires your most recently filed 1040 tax form (or verification of non-filing status from the IRS), your most recent W2 statements and your most recent paystubs as well as documentation of the stated debt on your application.

How can I find out if TADS has received my application?
For paper applications, you can fill out the included return postcard (don’t forget the postage!) and we will send it back to you when we receive your application. If you complete an online application, TADS will present you with a cover sheet that will display your completed application reference number.

How can I send in the supporting documentation?
You can mail, fax or upload your documentation to the TADS system.

What if I do not send in my supporting documentation?
Your application may not be considered for financial aid.

What if I want to leave my online application and come back to it later?
You may log back in to the TADS system and complete the application at any time. It is important to remember your username and password that you used to create your account.

How do I know if you have received my fax, mail or upload?
TADS will send you an email within 48 business hours of receiving your fax, mailed document or upload. Please do not call if you simply want to confirm unless you have previously received an error.

If my circumstances change, can I change my application?
Please call the TADS helpline if you need to adjust your application, a TADS representative will ask for documentation of these changes to be submitted by mail, fax or upload.

When is the TADS deadline to apply?

It’s never too late to apply; we will accept applications as long as funding is available. Applications/TADS forms received after deadline will not be included in the initial distribution of funds.

When will I get my results?
TADS processing time is 4-6 weeks – please mail accordingly to meet the time deadlines.

What if I have other questions?
TADS can help! You may contact them Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Central Time at 800-477-8237, or through our online chat at

Spanish bilingual assistance is available at 1-800-477-8237