Choose where you would like to make an impact!

The Sioux Falls Catholic School community is one big AWESOME family! We pray together, root each other on to victory and hold strong together when someone needs help.  In order to continue our mission, we rely on members of our family for support. Thank you for supporting our mission!

Please consider making a donation to Sioux Falls Catholic Schools in one of the following areas:  tuition assistance, teachers’  salaries, or capital improvements.

If you have questions or would like to talk with someone in regards to donating to SFCS or the SFCS Foundation, please contact Susanne Gale, Director of Development, 605-575-3342, or Michelle Katen, Foundation Executive Director, 605-575-3362,

Tuition Assistance

Each year SFCS is challenged with providing tuition assistance to families in need. The entire system strives to provide the opportunity to all families that desire a Catholic education, regardless of finances, to afford and receive one. In the past three years, tuition assistance awards have exceeded $1.3 million annually.

Teachers’ Salaries

The Teachers and Staff Salary Initiative is a fundraising effort to reward SFCS staff for the important work that they are doing and the results that they are achieving. Donating to the annual fundraising goals will help us retain and recruit quality teachers and staff.

Capital Improvements

SFCS needs to continue to improve its facilities and expand technology. You can help with these ongoing challenges.